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(A) BULK TEA TREE LEAF Dried, Milled and Graded

A natural bioactive exfoliant recommended for use in personal care products.
(A) BULK TEA TREE LEAF Dried, Milled and Graded »


Australian Blue Cypress Oil

The jewel in our Australian essential oils crown...
Australian Blue Cypress Oil »


Australian Peppermint

Grown in the Southern regions, where greater day length approximates its native Mediterranean locations...
Australian Peppermint »


Australian Spearmint

Australian Spearmint essential oil, unlike Peppermint, contains little or no menthol. Its significant constituents are carvone (over 70%), dihydrocarvone, and limonene.
Australian Spearmint »


Australian White Cypress

Australian White Cypress oil is distilled from the wood of Callitris glaucophylla, which grows prolifically in the central latitudes of Australia,
Australian White Cypress »


Blue Gum Eucalyptus

The essential oil distilled from the leaves is very high in cineole, up to 90%...
Blue Gum Eucalyptus »


Eucalyptus Australiana (radiata)

Generally regarded as the finest of the therapeutic cineole-type Eucalyptus oils...
Eucalyptus Australiana (radiata) »


Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus owes much of its distinctive lemon fragrance to citronellal...
Lemon Eucalyptus »


Lemon Ironbark

Its plant chemical constituents give the oil a much less aggressive aroma profile than either Lemon Myrtle or Lemon Tea Tree...
Lemon Ironbark »


Lemon Myrtle Oil

Well-known in Australian cuisine circles for its fine rounded lemon notes...
Lemon Myrtle Oil »


Lemon Tea Tree Oil

Not a Melaleuca, rather, an entirely different genus and species...
Lemon Tea Tree Oil »



Maximum efficacy blend in a Micromel (terpinen-4-ol) and nerolidol base. Terpinen-4-ol is the major active in tea tree and many other plants. Nerolidol is an antimicrobial isolate from Melaleuca quinquenervia-Chemotype LN, and is widely used in pharmaceutical transdermal patches for enhanced delivery of the active material.
Melablend »


Nerolina Oil

Around 50/50 linalool and nerolidol,giving very distinctive lavender and lilac notes...
Nerolina Oil »


Niaouli Oil

Our reliable supply of Niaouli has a particularly clean and fruity aroma, and consistent analysis...
Niaouli Oil »


Rosalina Oil

One of the most fragrant of the Melaleuca oils; very variable in analysis from different locations.
Rosalina Oil »


Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia yields an essential oil recognised as one of nature's most effective and versatile healers...
Tea Tree Oil »


"Nothing can beat the smell of dew and flowers and the odor that comes out of the earth when the sun goes down." – Ethel Waters


H2EO® AirCare Ultrasonic Diffusers

If you enjoy essential oils, you’ll love H2EO® AirCare diffusers. They offer the ultimate in safe and complete diffusion of any pure essential oils into your room’s atmosphere.   WATCH VIDEO

Far superior to other diffusers and glass nebulisers, they use no heat or air pumps (which can seriously damage the chemistry of essential oils), and safe low voltage direct current.

They harness the science of ultrasound to deliver micron-sized essential oil droplets so fine that within a moment of leaving the diffuser, the cool mist becomes a vapor, incorporated into the atmosphere and spreading evenly throughout your room. Colored lights options set the mood. For healthful sleep, all lights can be turned off (including the red power light) while diffusion continues.

Depending on room size, relative humidity, mode and volume settings chosen, it can last the night through without refilling.

When the water level gets low, the diffuser shuts itself off.

While the diffuser case may look similar to generic models on the market, there have been vast improvements made which are exclusive to H2EO diffusers. We worked closely with our manufacturing partner to completely re-engineer the electronics and incorporate the following features:

Multi Diffuser.jpg


H2EO Multi-Colored Lights Diffuser: $110 (GST included, postage extra)


us.gifIf you are located in the US, please click here to order from Plant Extracts International





Using ultrasonic "cold mist" technology, high frequency sound (100 times beyond human hearing) generates patterns of movement that create "sonic bubbles" in the water in the diffuser’s bowl. When these bubbles implode, nano-droplets of water are released from the surface. Each is enveloped by a fine coating of essential oil as they float up and rapidly become part of the atmosphere of your room.


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